Furnace Control System

A newly integrated Furnace Control System with on-site recording and evaluation further improves this system

  • Permanent calculation of production processes in the glass industry
  • All captured values are processed automatically
  • Comparison of all the influential parameters in detail
  • Energy savings of up to 25 % can be achieved ask our engineers !
  • Remote diagnosis option with direct contact to our expert team

Do you know where your operation is positioned compared to your competitors? With FCS, glass manufacturers gain the consistent transparency they need to evaluate their scheduled or future investments by both realtime recording and longtime analysis!

Initial Online-Analysis and Benchmark

Where are you positioned among your competitors? Allow us to check your status. Give us some basic information regarding your product facilities:

  • Furnace
  • Production Data
  • Combustion Values

We will evaluate these data and come back to you with a free initial benchmark. We give you a feedback on your energy efficiency and emission reduction potentials.

On-Site Analysis with FCS

After you have awarded us an order we will start a detailed on-site analysis of the production process while collecting and verifying operating data applying follwing steps:

  • Technical check by our experts on-site
  • Connecting our FCS (Furnace Control System Server)
  • Continuous Process Monitoring for 14 days

As from that point we will have to start thinking...

Presentation saving potentials

Your Benefit: (example):

  • Energy Savings: approx. 15% = 1.8 Mio. US $ p.a.
  • Emission Reduction: approx. 24% = 0,8 Mio. US $ p.a. (by selling CERs)
  • Total Savings: approx. 2,6 Mio. US $ per annum

Execution of Improvements On-Site

Realize short and long-term improvements and decide which measures you take.

  • Short New set-up of process parameters by GGEC-experts (realize immediate energy savings)
  • Long Invest in improved technology components (according our technical proposal, amortization within 4 years and we can help organize finanzing your investment needs)

Long Term Performance Monitoring

Run improved operation and save money every day

  • Continuous Process Monitoring by our Furnace Control System for a min. time period of 6 months
  • Get Energy Savings Report every month
  • Long term continuation of process monitoring by our Furnace Control System against a small service fee per year

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